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Print Assurance Program

Our Printer Assurance can help:

  • Reduce overall printing costs
  • Understand usage patters
  • Maximize operating efficiency
  • Monitor production of all out devices

At Cartridge on Wheels, we’ve developed a unique & compelling managed print solution we’ve termed “Print Assurance.” This is the single most logical way for a company to reduce their overall printing costs without requiring purchase and depreciation costs of newly introduced equipment. Print Assurance allows companies to better manage the most unmanageable cost center in their organization; that being the overall cost of printed page production. Print Assurance allows for any sized organization to utilize “objective oversight” to gain a better understanding of usage patterns, maximize operating efficiency, and also to proactively monitor the printed page production of all output devices.

Print Assurance is a comprehensive program that manages equipment, and all supplies, such as toner, drums, developers, and also all parts and labor on any device necessary. This allows a company to have a single point of contact, and also to pay only one invoice each month to cover all these costs. Print Assurance is neither brand nor vendor specific, and can be utilized in various methods relating to how many devices get replaced, or moved to other departments to allow for a better overall cost model. This program will immediately reduce the budgetary burden placed on the infrastructure cost in the I/T community, as well as relieving I/T of the time spent on maintaining mechanical parts on laser printers. Print Assurance allows a company to only pay for the images they make.